Spring Concert @ St. Bernard’s

We just wrapped up a great spring concert series this past weekend at St. Timothy Lutheran and the Church of St. Bernard, both in St. Paul! Check out the recording from St. Bernard’s below — St. Tim’s coming soon. Program is here.

2017 Holiday Concert Recording

We had a great time performing our holiday program at St. Timothy Lutheran last night! Here’s the recording as well as the program.

2016-04-29 Spring Concert

We may have forgotten to share audio from our spring concert…but better late than never! Here’s the program: BWB Program 2017-04-29

Winter Concert Recordings!

Hello all! Now that we are in the middle of winter, let’s rekindle that holiday spirit that kept us warm in December. The Blue Waters Brass and Blue Waters Choir winter concert recording from Dec 10th is now uploaded for you to take a listen. Enjoy!

(If you only have time for one, check out the last track, Night of Silence, a very moving arrangement for brass and choir by our very own Eric Sayre). Here’s the program: BWB Program 2016-12-10.


2014-02-28 services at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

We had a wonderful time participating in the February 28 services at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Minneapolis and hope to return soon! Here are a few pieces from the second service.

2015-12-12 Holiday Concert

Just finished the recording from our wonderful December 12th concert with the St. Timothy Lutheran Choir (program). Enjoy!

2015-10-17 Performance at the York Cooperative

2015-10-17 Performance at the York Cooperative, Edina (program)

2015-04-26 Service at St. Timothy Lutheran Church

2015-04-26 Service at St. Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Paul

2014-12-20 Winter Concert

Just finished the recording from our 2014-12-20 Winter Concert at St. Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Paul (program). We were joined by a festival choir formed through word of mouth by friends of the Blue Waters Brass (and their friends, too!).

Most in the group felt that it was our strongest performance to date and we’re grateful that we had a great group of singers (and organist) to share it with. Enjoy!

2014-04-13 Pops Concert

2014-04-13 Pops Concert at University Lutheran Church of Hope in Minneapolis (program).